About the Adirondack Diversity Initiative

Our Mission

The mission of ADI is to develop and promote strategies to help the Adirondack Park become more welcoming and inclusive of all New Yorkers, both visitors and permanent residents.  A more inclusive Adirondack Park will benefit not only the citizens of New York but the economic and political health of the Park as well.

Our Vision

ADI's long-term vision for change is based upon three cornerstones essential in diversity work: building experience, developing allies, and increasing competence. Each of these needs the other two; thus all three must be addressed simultaneously in any diversity effort.  Competence comes  largely with experience of others.  Therefore ADI supports shared experiences through its education, marketing, and youth exchange initiatives.

Increasing competence fosters an environment where we can all become allies to each other regardless of perceived differences.  Therefore, ADI's membership and Advisory Board have expertise and diversity themselves, and ADI offers education, training, and supports diverse offerings in the arts.

Alliances build shared experience, strength and understanding.  Therefore ADI's entire governance structure and operational model is built upon alliances and cooperative action.  Allies working together can build a more just and beautiful Adirondack community.

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